For this first serious project I needed some help from a more experienced ramp builder. I asked Oli from the overground to help me with it. Basicly he did the most of the work.
I wanted two mobile quarterpipes that where adjustable to a spine, a mini and just two quarters!
Cause I was planning to move the ramps a lot I wanted to be sure they wouldn't collapse after 3 times shredding it! So I've spend some saving money on it and bought all the wood new. The coping was donated by the overground, nice!
The ramps are build over three sunny day's, in hours that would come on 14 I guess!

The ramps are used on: skate or die motherfucker summerweekend 2003, "autovrijedag" in Haarlem, skate contest overground, streetplay day's Heemstede, plexat skate and destroy evening, skatecontest/party Hoorn 2003 and 2004, martijns garage mini and end their lives at the flinty's in Haarlem.

here you have martijn en goof on the skate or die motherfucker mobile ramps..
skate or die motherfucker

here the ramps are as a spine and hit the news paper..

Early edition!

my first real project, I was more or less watching the process: skate or die motherfucker quarterpipes

build in my youthcentre this rad mini skatepark: skate and destroy plexat

skate or die motherfucker build this mini in a czech bowlingcentre: build ramps not bombs mini

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